Ryan Brock


Product Design

UX + UI Design Branding

Website Design


2015 – 2017

Kiddom is an online platform for delivering quality curriculum to students, at home or in the classroom. While leading design at Kiddom, I developed all-new branding, visual identity, and created a custom UX/UI design system to provide a consistent user experience on all digital platforms.

Design System

When interviewing teachers, we learned that many work with different devices multiple times per day, with fragmented tools, and context switch often. For accessibility and ease of use, we created a unified design system to be used across all web and mobile platforms.

Branding Style Guide

Branding and visual identity of Kiddom was made to give a feeling of approachable whimsy and down-to-earth confidence, appealing to both students and teachers alike. Vivid use of color was used to differentiate from other education tools, and to communicate a more casual and conversational vibe.

Style guide includes custom icons, color guides, UI patterns, copywriting direction, motion guidelines, and more.