Ryan Brock

10x Genomics

10x Genomics is a life sciences company that develops specialized hardware, software, and products that fuel scientific discovery.

As staff product designer, I worked with a truly multidisciplinary team of designers, geneticists, scientists, engineers, and PMs across multiple product areas. I also developed an evolution of company branding, visual identity, and design strategy.

Product Design

UX Design

Design Systems

Web Design


2019 – 2021

While at 10x Genomics, I was humbled to impart my creative perspective to a wave of innovative new products for the science community.

Branding and visual identity was developed with trust, clarity, results, and a forward-looking outlook at the forefront. We emphasized what ultimately matters most – advancing human health.

The look and feel is bold, confident, and creatively fresh – a contrast from others in the biotech space. Materials range from academic papers to magazine-style editorial, so we created distinct looks across multiple product and marketing channels.

Chromium X is an advanced lab instrument capable of analyzing hundreds of thousands of cells at once, allowing large scope studies to be done routinely.

It has a touchscreen, wireless connection, and a custom user experience catered to lab environments.

I worked with a team of geneticists, technical application scientists, and engineers to design a custom user experience and UI design system for variable touchscreen sizes for future instruments.

Special considerations were made for usability, ergonomics, and audio haptics, as lab scientists are often wearing gloves while multitasking.